Tuesday, 8 July 2014

One week!

Day 8.

So, today brings me to a whole week of being sober. Yay!! I honestly can't remember when I last went a whole week without wine. It feels great! I'm still tired but I'm not complaining. I'm sure my sleep will improve as time goes on and I will feel that wonderful pink cloud feeling that I have read about on other peoples blogs and in books.

I was talking to a friend yesterday and she was asking me how I'm coping doing Dry July. I told her I was finding it a lot easier than I thought I would and how having the choice to drink taken away seemed to be working for me. She also asked me WHY I was doing it, so I explained how I had been drinking too much - a whole bottle in one go (I couldn't admit to her that it was almost EVERY night though) and that I was having trouble cutting down on my own. She also admitted that she needs to cut down and added how easy it is to drink a whole bottle of wine in one go. And I couldn't help thinking... I am not the only one! I know there are lots of women who drink too much -I found this out when I discovered the sober blogging world - but I didn't think anyone I knew personally had a problem. I thought it was my dirty little secret. And I was sure I would be found out one of these days! But what's also amazing is how many comments I've had on Facebook from people saying how impressed they are that I'm doing this and how they would like to do it too one day, just not at the moment because they have too much going on this month. Of course most of these people think I'm just doing it because it's a great cause, but that's ok. Not everyone needs to know the real reason. Those closest to me may suspect, but that's ok too. Having my friends and family supporting me is just wonderful.

I'm currently reading The Sober Revolution - Calling Time on Wine O'clock by Sarah Turner and Lucy Rocca, and I am finding it really helpful. I also started Jason Vale's book Kick the Drink Easily! earlier in the year but I didn't get far with that one. Probably because I was still drinking and not  quite ready to stop yet.  I will go back and finish it one day. I am going to buy Mrs D's book today, I can't wait to read that!! Hers was the first blog I accidently stumbled across towards the end of last year. I googled something like 'how to live without wine' and there it was...And I discovered a whole new world! I found out that there were plenty of others just like me, it was amazing!! I didn't feel so alone anymore. And I've been reading blogs ever since. I saved a few on my phone with secret titles but hubby saw them one day and asked me what I was reading. I was so embarrassed! I've been reading them in secret ever since. (Not sure why. He knew I was drinking too much but although he can put away a whole bottle of wine too, he doesn't seem to have the same problem as me. But he's pleased that I'm doing this so that's great)

A x

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  1. This is like reading about myself!!! (Secret reading that is!!) xx