Thursday, 13 November 2014

Back here again

So, I find myself back here again. I drank last night. I managed 42 alcohol free days. I did Ocsober and kept going and managed 6 weeks. I am so proud of myself because that's the longest I've gone without alcohol. But if I'm honest with myself, I had been toying with drinking again for a couple of weeks. It seems to happen like this each time I've had a stint of sobriety. I feel wonderful and love not drinking. But then I start to think that moderation sounds good. And that this time I think I can manage it. So yes, last night we went out for dinner and I had a few drinks.

I didn't really enjoy it. It tasted awful and I wondered, even as I was drinking it, had it always tasted this bad? But I drank it of course. And another. And a couple more when I got home. I felt pretty average this morning. I went back to bed after dropping Mr 7 at school. And now I remember why I stopped.

So we will see. Can I be sensible about it this time?

Oh, and I changed my blog title. Just felt like a change. 

A x