Saturday, 13 June 2015

Alcohol and the theatre

I went to the theatre the other night (to see The Lion King - for the 5th time! Yes, I really love that show!!) It is playing at a beautiful old theatre in Melbourne and the atmosphere just screams out for having a glass of something in the beautiful old foyer. I didn't have any. I acknowledged the temptation but thought, I don't need alcohol to make this occasion better. It will just make me want more and then I'll be impatient for intermission and then I will have to line up and drink an unsatisfactory small glass of wine in a plastic cup and then be craving more after the show. I wouldn't be fully present to enjoy a show that I dearly love.

So I drank my water and ate my Maltesers and savoured the atmosphere. There were a couple of girls sitting in front of me drinking wine out of plastic cups and the smell was so strong!! It made me wonder why we drink that shit! And the guy next to me was drinking beer. It took him the whole first half of the show to drink it and it stunk! Also, he must have been quietly burping as he drank because all I could smell was something revolting and couldn't think what else it could be. He proceeded to drink another beer during the second half of the show with the same result. Yuck! It's amazing how awful alcohol smells when you aren't drinking!. It's the same with smoking. When I used to smoke, I didn't notice the smell of smoke on myself or my clothes, but when I stopped, the smell was so strong! Glad I don't do that anymore.

So, I had a lovely evening. I've been playing the soundtrack at home and it fills me with so much joy. I'm taking the little guy to see it again in September because he loved it too when he saw it and I want him to experience that joy again too.

Saturday today. The little guy and I are going to his best friends birthday party which is at a park. His mum (my friend C) and dad enjoy a drink, so it will be interesting to see if they have alcohol there. I am looking forward to saying 'no thanks' and enjoying the day sober.

Day 27 today. The days are going so fast. I'm sleeping a bit better now that I'm taking magnesium but I'm still tired. Think it must have to do with my low iron. Hope the iron tablets kick in soon!

Anyway, I'd better go and wash my hair. I can't possibly go another day without doing it! (it's such a chore! and I am NOT a hair person!)

Have a great weekend everyone!

A x


  1. Dear Angie,
    I loved Lion King, too!
    When I first saw it in Minneapolis (In the state of Minnesota), I was in tears!
    It blew me away!
    It was also in an old theatre that had the grand lobby, drinks and all.
    I used to go to plays with my husband and would have so much to drink, I'd fall asleep and we would go home at intermission.
    Not anymore.
    So happy for you on Day 27!
    Peace and Hugs,

  2. Hi Wendy,
    Thankfully, I never fell asleep at shows. It was so nice not having to worry about lining up for a drink. No panic that I might miss out. A much freer way to live.
    Have a good week. A x