Wednesday, 13 August 2014

It's great to be here again!

Day 2 today. It is so great to be back here. It's early days but I'm already feeling better. I remember being day 2 last month and it was all so new. But this time I remember how good I felt being booze free and I am looking forward to feeling like that again. I didn't sleep well last night which is exactly what happened last time in the early days. But I know I can just ride it out and my sleeping will soon improve.

It is such a RELIEF not having to think about booze. I still think about it of course, but this time it's about NOT drinking it. Not about should I or shouldn't I and the constant internal battle that goes on inside my head. It's such a lovely feeling.

This time I have signed up for Hello Sunday Morning. 3 months booze free. I am also hoping to do Belle's 100 day challenge. This way I am accountable. I have made a contract and I can't break it. Dry July was great, but it wasn't long enough. This way I can get a solid chunk of sobriety under my belt and really change my life. I am excited!!

It's going to be hard when my friends ask me out for drinks. One friend in particular has been hanging out to have a drink since I finished Dry July. For whatever reason, we haven't done it yet, and now I'm going to have to tell her I'm off it again! But this isn't about her. Or anyone else for that matter. This is for me and for being the best me I can be. I've been wallowing in fog for so many years now and I want to be free. This is just the beginning. So bring it on!

A x

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