Saturday, 26 December 2015

A sober Christmas

It's now Boxing Day and I am still sober!

Yesterday was lovely. I felt all warm and fuzzy being with all my family. Sharing a beautiful meal and giving and receiving presents. Watching the joy on the children's faces. Spending the rest of the day relaxing and chatting, our bellies full and content. But there were moments of longing for wine. Moments when I thought 'stuff this. It's Christmas after all'. No one would question it. But I had told my family I'm off the grog for a bit so I would have to explain myself if I did. So I had a few moments of sulking to myself. I said to my younger brother (the sensible one) that I felt like one and he said no one would care if I did. I said it to my husband too. And he said I would feel shit in the morning and it wasn't worth it. I felt a bit of resentment towards him for not saying 'go on then, it's Christmas!' So I carried on with my caffeine free diet coke and somehow it was all ok.

It was a beautiful evening. Clear skies and a bright, full moon. We were sitting outside in our paddock next door and it was the perfect night for a glass of wine (or 4!) But I didn't drink. I thought not today. It was still a beautiful evening with clear skies and a bright full moon even though I wasn't drinking. And somehow it was all ok.

So yes, today is Boxing Day and I woke up without a hangover. I feel so good about that.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are having a lovely Boxing Day too.

Day 34.

A x


  1. I making it sober through Christmas Eve and Christmas day. I am sort of amazed with myself. I am not even craving wine. No cravings at all. I woke up this morning feeling great. Happy. It was Christmas morning and I was present. For once.
    Keep on going. Ignore the cravings if you can. You are feeling great already.

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  3. Your husband deserves a big hug and kiss.
    Support, not enabling. What a huge gift!

    I'm so glad your Christmas has gone well. You are doing a hard thing! Beautifully.

    Merry Christmas!


  4. Well done! You've done a great thing making it past Christmas Day and not caving. I'm at 7 months, and I found it hard too - even my family were asking if I'd be having a glass of champagne, and I had to grit my teeth at times and get through it. But it feels like a massive hurdle we've jumped, doesn't it? X