Wednesday, 1 July 2015

In the country

Sorry, I have been a bit absent this week. I'm in the country at mums and don't get much chance to sit and read blogs in peace.

So, day 3 here and feeling great. Mum hasn't said a thing about me not drinking. A part of me is annoyed but I'm also glad because I don't want to make a big deal out of it and have to explain myself. My brother is not drinking much which is great. He says he is going to try and not drink in July. We will see. I'm just glad he is doing something. He didn't drink much last night and seemed ok. I told him I am doing Dry July but not officially. I will try and talk to him about it more if I get a chance. It's difficult with so many of us in the house.

It feels wonderful to be here and not drinking. To be waking up hangover free. I've had sleep-ins, which are lovely (thanks mum!) and the days still seem longer. I am just so much more present. And not cranky and impatient like I am when I am drinking. So much better all round.

I was reading SoberMummy's blog about how drinking borrows tomorrows happiness. It's so true. I too came across this expression a while back and was going to blog about it (great minds think alike!) I have a slip of paper in my wallet that says 'Drinking steals happiness from tomorrow'. I get it out and read it to remind myself why drinking isn't a good idea. Whenever I think how nice a glass of wine would be I think of this expression and it really helps. Drinking steals so much from you.

Anyway, I'd better be off. I don't want my family to ask me what I am writing!!

Day 45.

A x


  1. Happy Day 45!!
    You are doing it!
    So glad you are having a good time.

    1. Thanks Wendy, it feels good. Who needs booze to have a good time?! Not me! Have a great day. A x

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Anne, I'm having a lovely relaxing time. A x

  3. You worried me at the beginning when you referred to day 3! Day 45 is awesome! So are mothers. Hugs x

    1. Ha Ha! Yeah, you gotta love mothers. In all there loving, annoying, unique selves! I do love my mum. A x

  4. I love it ... whenever I'm with my parents I can't do anything such as read/ write blogs cos as soon as I get my phone out they're asking what I'm doing ... just give me some peace pleeaaassee